Fresh Canvas

A new line from intrepid impresario Andrew Corrie

Andrew Corrie, founder of new home line Canvas, claims it all began with a subscription to World of Interiors during his bachelor years. “WOI was filled with mountains of gorgeous, faded, timeworn stuff which set me off on a buying spree of vintage furniture. That search for washed, aged finishes continues as we look around for new things for Canvas.”
Canvas is a collection of upholstery, home accessories and jewelry with rather mainstream prices, but with a level of refinement certainly higher.  Vessels of recycled telephone wire or worn tires, bowls and spice dishes of cast off lemon wood, cutting boards of sustainably sourced cedar, all exhibit a modesty of proportion and careful calibration of color.  The pale still lives of 20th-century Italian painter Giorgio Morandi come to mind: nothing jostles for space or attention, and the beauty inherent in each thing is in harmony with its neighbor’s.
Corrie, together with a “polite politburo” of product developers, carefully review each prospective design, and work through the obstacles that come up in the far-flung places where Canvas products are made.  Artisans in Haiti, Morocco, India, Nepal, Lithuania, South Africa and Croatia are active collaborators in the Canvas process, as their hands create the organically minimal appeal of it all. 
Among Corrie’s favorites: the South African wire vessels and Moroccan recycled tire containers shown on these pages.  “These simple shapes and subtle textures will become the antiques we hunt for in 100 years, I think,” comments Corrie.  Let’s buy them now and see whether he’s right.
For more information visit, or the Ochre boutique at 462 Broome Street, in NYC’s Soho district.



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